Reviews for Sea to Sky


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Excerpts from reviews for Sea to Sky:

  • “This book is number three in a series about an ex RCMP turned trucker turned
    amateur detective. I haven’t read the previous two books but that didn’t spoil
    my enjoyment of this, as everything I needed to know for the story was
    explained, without it clogging up the storyline.I enjoyed this book as it worked well as a standalone story, with well-formed characters and locations.”
  • “Hunter Rayne is a great and likeable main character, particularly at the
    beginning we get to know him well and so care for him when he becomes a suspect.
    The story is well written, entertaining and cleverly enough plotted to keep the
    reader guessing.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed this tightly composed mystery. Good characters drawn with a
    fine pencil, good narrative, good premise. Look forward to more from her.”
  • “This was the first Hunter Rayne mystery for me and I was impressed. The
    characters were well developed, the settings were described in detail so that
    you could see them in your head, and there was a surprise ending.”
  • “… it is a rare mystery when I don’t guess the killer. This one beat me!”

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