Reviews for Sundown on Top of the World

Excerpts from reviews for Sundown on Top of the World:

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“finely crafted [story] driven by well-defined characters and strong sense of place” – David James, Alaska Dispatch News (see full review)

Perfectly written. I read every word so I wouldn’t miss anything.”

“The settings, descriptions of trekking through wilderness and river were vivid and believable – reading this was like watching a movie in my mind, it worked that well.”

“Absolutely fabulous adventure and mystery in the Yukon. The story takes place on the border of Canada and Alaska along the Alaskan highway. The mystery of a cold case from 1972 still plagues a retired Royal Canadian detective who now is a long haul trucker. The cast of characters are so well developed that you feel immersed in their lives. Crusty bush dwellers, a biker, and women living in the harsh wilderness are part of the trucker/detective’s curious world. This is not a quick read but I couldn’t put it down.”

“Nicely written with very engaging characters and a fascinating plot. For me, the real beauty of the book was the setting and the realistic portrayal of what it must be like to live in such a beautiful but brutal part of the world. Very enjoyable.”

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